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A carnival-like perfume. Joyful, pleasant and, energized. Improves your mood

Cypre Bergamot

Relaxing, calming, and meditative perfume. Reminds you of peaceful and happy times


Floral for a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in the living room, bedroom, or dining room

Green Fresh spices

Green Fresh spices that wake you up in the morning in a happy mood. Always keeps you happy like a fresh deep breath in the nature.


A relaxing and happy perfume that reminds of the spring, happiness and, joyfulness.


An extra touch of lush and gorgeous decoration with glitter

Green Spicy Fresh

Green Spicy Fresh, relaxing, calming, spa-like, smells like Christmas aromatic perfume


Lush scent that awakes feelings of adventure like a wind blowing from the east

Patchouli Earth

Feelings of freedom, happiness, and joy. Just like taking a walk after the rain.


Sweet Great idea for birthdays, refreshing, and exciting. A perfume with a friendly tone.


Vanilla Nostalgic smells that remind you of happy times you spent with your family and loved ones. Very relaxing perfume.


Warm Spicy Seductive, elegant, lush, aromatic perfume. 

Woody Lush

Woody Lush, mysterious, sensual, and elegant perfume

Rose Flowers

Rose Flowers in the candle A gorgeous decorative touch. Makes the candle a very romantic gift. Roses always a symbol of pure love. A good choice for Valentine’s day, as an anniversary gift, or for your loved family members.

Reel Dried Flowers

Real dried flowers give the candle a gorgeous look and make it a great decorative object. A beautiful gift idea for loved ones

Lucky charm

Always ad lucy charm-shaped candles to the room for feeling happy, with relaxing and, happy emotions.


Memories and feelings are always associated with colors and scents.  Always use perfumes and scents to relive and remember your valuable memories again and again. Each time the sensuality will increase, and your feelings will never fade.